PATLABOR Stands At Kichijoji!

On April 13, a 1:1 scale model of Ingram, the robot from the live-action movie adaptation of the popular anime series "Patlabor," "The Next Generation - Patlabor -" appeared in front of JR Kichijoji Station causing people confusion for a while. This event was carried out in collaboration of the event celebrating the inauguration of free S...

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Cats in Desserts

Japanese blogger, Caroline has made all kinds of desserts using cats. All of these cats are edible which are made of sweet white bean paste and soft skin rice cake.   This is the traditional Japanese pancake which is called a hot cake. It is much more thicker than pancakes. This is a famous Japanese dessert called, Doraya...

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baby metal FB

BABYMETAL To Perform At Sonisphere

Great news came in! It’s been announced that BABYMETAL will appear at one of the biggest rock festival in the UK, Sonisphere, in which great rock acts METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN, THE PRODIGY, SLAYER, DREAM THEATER, and many more participate. Oh, I am excited seeing this lineup. BABYMETAL will jump in there and make their perfect UK debut. ...

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Mitsukoshi Lion’s 100th Anniversary

  The famous lion statue of Mistukoshi Department will reach its 100th anniversary. Mitsukoshi's main department in Nihombashi will headquarter will be celebrating this will more than 3000 lion goods from April 1 - April 8.  Many traditional stores have collaborated with this anniversary. Morinaga made a milk caramel petite cake wit...

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Hello Kitty Changes Her Public Image

On the 1st of April, Hello Kitty announced that she would go for a major makeover. She is a charismatic figure in the character world and is loved by men and women of all ages. Putting on eye shadow with a touch of gradations to enhance her large irises of the eyes and giving more impression of gentle look with her droopy eyes. Her ears h...

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Goku VS Luffy in Shibuya

Come to Shibuya now and you will see two famous Japanese anime charcters, Son Goku from "DRAGON BALL Z" and Luffy from "ONE PIECE" battling! This display was set up to celebrate the release of the new PS3 game "J-Stars Victory VS Anison Sound Edition". This art piece is 10m wide and 8m long. It is a scene of Goku about to blast the famous "Kameh...

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