Kazuki Takamatsu: Amazing Pictures from “The Sense of Distance”

Prodigy – this word suits more than genius for this guy.

taka 1_R

Kazuki Takamatsu finishes his works with countless transparent layers of acrylic gouache after drafting by his PC.

taka 2_R

taka 3_R

A Japanese ideology of puberty can be expressed metaphorically through this method that gives marvelous flat and depth pulling into two dementions at the same time.

His website is named Kyorikan Shugi (Sense of distance principle).
Accoriding to him, this principle represents the distance between two people, the relative depth of two objects expressed in gradation as well as the distance within oneself.

His world view celebrating the clarity and the stillness is attracting an enormous amount of attention over the world.

taka 4_R

taka 8_R

taka 9_R

His latest exhibition will be held at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome from June 13th till July 15th 2013.

taka last_R

Sourced from:

Minna no Manabiba Bijyutsukan

Dorothy Circus Gallery


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